Halloween at the Hacienda de Martin

Being a mixed nationality household we hold close to the North American side of the road for holidays and such throughout the year (which is all to the good I feel) and try to include as many people as we can in the party.

This year was no different with several of the Teenager’s friends over for the evening and several of the Boy’s current school mates over for the afternoon followed by a couple of his previous school mates staying with us for the night.

The Teenager and I were baking most of Friday night after dinner (I finished at about 10:30 and the Teenager finished up at 11:30 PM). She made creepy Blueberry Muffins (from scratch with fresh Blueberries that are on sale at the moment) and scratch Brownies – lovely and yummy and gooey.

I made these little beauties from Joy of Baking after watching Stephanie making them on YouTube. They turned out really well (I made 30 of them and I have all of 2 left after we had parents and kids and other visitors dropping by. Easy to make from scratch and the looked fantastic. A big thanks goes out to the folks over at Bake & Deco Warehouse in Delacombe for the eyes. They were the (literally) eye-cing on the cake.

I only got them in white but they made a real difference in the presentation. Lot of fun making them and watching people eat them too!

I barbecued for the kids and Mama-Bear and I and made Hamburgers, Snags and real honest-to-god American style Beef Hot dogs. We’ll be eating snags for the rest of the week. The fridge smells heavenly though; I found myself opening it just to smell the BBQ after taste of the snags and such.

Hope you had a great All Hallow’s Eve wherever you are.


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