20 January 2020 – Site Update – Scale Modelling section added

The scale modelling articles that were originally hosted at Andrew’s Trains have been moved to this site. The move has helped focus the mission of Andrew’s Trains to small model railway layouts and allows me to enjoy posting about my modelling in a simpler less timely and stressful format here.

Scale Modelling pages move to the Family Web

With a refocus of the mission of Andrew’s Trains the scale modelling and other non layout related articles have been moved to the Martin Family Web.

Already I’ve expanded on some of the content from the other site and there’ll be more and more articles coming now that I have a simpler format to follow. First among those will be the US O scale GP38-2 project. No pages set up for it yet but that will be coming soon.

You can find it by deep link here or by using the menus go to Our Family>Andrew>Modelling.


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