Feb 18, 2021 – An addition to the finishing post

A couple of days ago I posted that my painting of models was not my strong point and that I’m working to improve my finishing by documenting what I do so that I can review my results and improve over time. Looking back over my resources I noticed that I had not yet made a note of some of the topcoats that you can use. In particular, S. C. Johnsons Future, which I learned about through the Austin Scale Modelers Society when I was a member in the early 2000s.

Here in Australia finding Future is a problem. However, there is at least one option that I’ve tried on a clear piece of plastic and that has worked without crazing, yellowing or other nasty surprises. And that is Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish.

Available from Bunnings here in Australia and I’d suggest in NZ as well.

For those of you elsewhere in the world I’ve added links to the following articles:

  • Matt Swan’s excellent article “The Complete Future” (Images and text copyright © 2003-2015 by Matt Swan), and
  • Resin Car Works outstanding post “Working with Future” by Eric Hansmann discusses how to use Future with an airbrush

Matt’s article provides users from around the world with help to find Future in your neck of the woods. While Eric’s article goes over his technique for applying decals and finishing freight cars using Future as his primary medium. Take note of his details about spraying with his airbrush. Very useful.



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