70 Tonner weathering continues

Yesterday’s oil weathering dried under the heater vent overnight. So a little more work today.

Work in progress

More oil filters on the loco today, along with some oil paint chipping using torn-off bits of makeup sponge, in a manner similar to dry brushing (dry sponging anyone?).

Weathering continues on the GE 70-Tonner. More oil filters, and work on the stack and greasy oil deposits from the exhaust. More to come once this lot has dried.

Colours used for those interested are:

  • Emerald Green,
  • Titanium White,
  • Lemon Yellow,
  • Carbon Black,
  • Burnt Umber,
  • Yellow Ochre, and
  • Light red

I’ve also applied some AIM Carbon Black weathering powder into the oil paint near the stack and down the side to add a little 3D depth to the stain work. Oil leaks through the stack were common on the 70 tonners in their later life as the cylinder rings wore out. This one looks about due for a major service anyway, so who knows we may see her at the Sebastopol servicing centre soon for some work.

I’ll be doing more judicious chipping, in oils (like that near the steps leading down from the cab to the long hood). There’ll also be a pin-wash for all of the recessed panel lines, in Burnt Umber I think. It’ll look better not being pure black.


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