Marples Number M10 Rabbet plane

Technical Details:

Plane Type: Rabbet Plane
Features: Adjustable, with screw adjustment for cutter
Manufactured: From 1932 to 1963
Length: 13 inches
Cutter Width: 2⅛ inches
Construction: Cast iron body. Indian rosewood (early) or stained beechwood handle & knob
Finish: Enamelled. Polished Trimmings
Price (1938): 23/-
Price (1959): 23/-
Uses: Special purpose bench plane


19/10/2021 – As originally received the plane body and sole had a reasonable amount of surface rust. Sympathetic restoration to be undertaken to get this plane into working condition. Overall, the condition is quite good.



There are a wealth of sites available for Marples’ planes, however this site, I found to be the best in terms of understanding how to date this tool.

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