The modified locomotives


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The next three locos

The redesign on the next three locos will be simpler and require less cutting and chopping, to reflect an original locomotive bought from the Plymouth company, with some modifications from that shown in the manufacturers catalogue.

The following modifications were carried out on the first loco and will be standard modifications on the sister locos:

  • Add 80 Thou to the height of the footplate. (This helps when you place the buffers onto the loco. Provides a much more stable surface for parts to stick to also.)
  • Removed the bars from all windows
  • Enlarge the inner front cab windows and reprofiled them to follow the curve of the bonnet (hood). (See next point.)
  • Removed the standard exhaust housing on the loco and installed a stove pipe chimney. This also provides the means to secure the body to the chassis. (More on this later.)

While the list above looks extensive it is not. The overall effect is very powerful though and gives you a highly detailed model for very little money.

I added handmade detail parts, that were not on either of the articles I read in the magazine. They comprise hand-made angle-cocks and hoses. Bolt and rivet detail on the buffing plates and some after market material too:

  • Glad-hands,
  • Three link couplings (Alan Gibson), and
  • Working sprung buffers.

I am still debating the effectiveness of this level of detail for the remaining three loco’s.


However until the paint job is finished I do not know how much of this detail will be lost. I am considering it as it makes the locomotive look much more workman like.

The first unit is fitted with Air and vacuum Brakes. The piping on the front buffer beam is simpler than it would be for an American loco, but the level of detail looks right for its settting and expected life.


I am still considering the paint scheme. I am leaning toward a mid-blue body, grey roof and black running gear. Yellow ends and possible tiger stripes may be there too. Your thoughts would be welcome.

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