Growing and Blowing – 12 October 2019

Around the world at the moment people are calling for change, to how we impact the planet and how we maintain our lifestyle. While celebrating my darling wife's birthday today we took a road trip past the wind farm at Mt Mercer in Central Victoria. This wind farm is large, and in sight of the newest... Continue Reading →

Happy 21st Anniversary – my lovely girl!

21 years ago today, after flying across the Pacific Ocean I wed the woman who is still my wife.  Thanks for honouring me by being my friend, and for keeping me in the game these many years. We've crossed many boundaries together: cultural, time and personal. Travelled across the globe together and raised two wonderful young... Continue Reading →

Halloween at the Hacienda de Martin

Being a mixed nationality household we hold close to the North American side of the road for holidays and such throughout the year (which is all to the good I feel) and try to include as many people as we can in the party. This year was no different with several of the Teenager's friends... Continue Reading →

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