Early Spring Sunset portrait series – September 3 2018

It's my Friday night, and with a day off tomorrow I managed to get home early and eat a meal with the family for a change. Right after dinner with the sun setting I managed to snap a couple of shots of the Western Skyline just before full dark. Enjoy. All images are copyright 2018... Continue Reading →

Science Update – Earth-Moon system is two planets combined…

  According to new research released by UCLA on January 29 the moon and the earth are made of the same stuff. Now you might not think that this is ground-breaking (dare I say earth-shattering) news, yet it is. Many scientists thought the Earth collided with Theia (pronounced THAY-eh), a protoplanet, at an angle of... Continue Reading →

Updated content in the Cert IV 2015 area

I've uploaded new content for the participants in the Cert IV Training and Assessment course. You can view the following pages from the GO > Cert IV 2015 menu item: How to insert a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2013, and Using Microsoft Word for page layout  

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