Weaver GP38-2 Project Overview

These two locos have sat at back of the Sebastopol Shops for ages after arriving on the property. Parts and other resources simply weren’t available to complete their rebuilds for one of the Hunter Valley’s Shortline Subsidiaries. Their older locomotives have soldiered on admirably but now is the time to complete these rebuilds and update the shortline fleet. Sid Tappet, our workshop foreman, has been given the green light and both locos will be moved to the front of the works line sometime in late February, or early March of 2020 where they’ll begin their new life as HVL units 382, and 385.

Currently in pieces both will come together fast and be running by the end of the year – all going well. Keep coming back to this section and follow their rebirth and story. Dave ‘Crank’ Shaft our mechanical marvel will be posting updates on the projects.


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