New Scale Model Article – The Junkyard Dog

Overview There are two reasons for this post. Firstly I'm partway through the build of a 1:48th scale F-111E fighter-bomber. Secondly I'm also working on an edX course from the University of Queensland - UQx's Write101x! English Grammar and Style. Who doesn't want to write and use the English language with more flair? Introduction Act in Haste, repent... Continue Reading →

Science Update – Earth-Moon system is two planets combined…

  According to new research released by UCLA on January 29 the moon and the earth are made of the same stuff. Now you might not think that this is ground-breaking (dare I say earth-shattering) news, yet it is. Many scientists thought the Earth collided with Theia (pronounced THAY-eh), a protoplanet, at an angle of... Continue Reading →

Rememberance Day 2015 – Lest We Forget

I attended my first Remembrance Day Service (the 11th day of the 11th month) in 40 years today. Our Daughter "The Cap'n" along with her Co-Captain represented their High School College at Ballarat's memorial service at the Ballarat Cenotaph this morning. We are very proud of the Cap'n's achievements. I'm glad that I could be there... Continue Reading →

Updated content in the Cert IV 2015 area

I've uploaded new content for the participants in the Cert IV Training and Assessment course. You can view the following pages from the GO > Cert IV 2015 menu item: How to insert a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2013, and Using Microsoft Word for page layout  

Nation building activities need not be above ground

I've said to anyone who will listen for the last 10 years that the future for Australia is bleak without water security. But there is little drive to have water security on the agenda. I was pleasantly surprised today after reading this item on Ballarat's 'The Courier' website. Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth; also... Continue Reading →

Ballarat in all it’s glory

One of the transportation fans I follow on YouTube recently shot a video of the trams running around the lake here in Ballarat. For those of you not in town (who are perhaps in Texas) here's a little view of the town's other premier attraction - Lake Wendouree, Lake Gardens (our Botanic Gardens) and the... Continue Reading →

Happy 21st Anniversary – my lovely girl!

21 years ago today, after flying across the Pacific Ocean I wed the woman who is still my wife.  Thanks for honouring me by being my friend, and for keeping me in the game these many years. We've crossed many boundaries together: cultural, time and personal. Travelled across the globe together and raised two wonderful young... Continue Reading →

Halloween at the Hacienda de Martin

Being a mixed nationality household we hold close to the North American side of the road for holidays and such throughout the year (which is all to the good I feel) and try to include as many people as we can in the party. This year was no different with several of the Teenager's friends... Continue Reading →

NASA releases all of the Apollo program images on flickr

Thanks to the guys over at DIY Photography for the heads up on all the Apollo Program images being uploaded to Flickr. Follow this link and take a look at these great images from Man's greatest achievement. Even greater than surfboards and SCUBA. And that's saying something!

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