GE 70 Tonner (HO Scale) Oil Weathering – Body work (mostly) complete

The oil weathering of the body of #27 is mostly complete. Cleanup was the first step to sort out a few issues with the previous application, then edge and panel lightening, and a little more rust work. Work in progress So at the end of the weekend, with a little more work on in washes,... Continue Reading →

GE 70 Tonner (HO Scale) Oil Weathering ongoing

The oil weathering that started last weekend is now at a stage I'm happy to call almost complete. There is a little cleanup to do, and then weathering powders to finish off. Work in progress I'm going to do some more of that cleanup tonight, having given the oils some time to go off. Otherwise,... Continue Reading →

70 Tonner weathering continues

Yesterday's oil weathering dried under the heater vent overnight. So a little more work today. Work in progress More oil filters on the loco today, along with some oil paint chipping using torn-off bits of makeup sponge, in a manner similar to dry brushing (dry sponging anyone?). Colours used for those interested are: Emerald Green,... Continue Reading →

Modelling & Weathering under LED light

Have you ever tried something you've thought about for a while and come away happy with your result? Modelling in a new (LED) light The new work lights I got yesterday came in handy today. I began work on one of my two Bachmann DCC (but no sound) equipped GE 70 Tonners today. Even with... Continue Reading →

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