Scenery techniques that might surpise you

Most of my scenery projects are focused on model railways/railroads. While I've seen a layout in pure grayscale before (here in Oz), I've never seen anyone work through making a diorama with that as a step. (Note: you could apply this technique to a micro layout too!) Diorama - The Calm Before The Storm -... Continue Reading →

Bricks are not easy to paint so they look right – until now…

Convincingly modelling (and painting) bricks is not easy. You can certainly just spray one colour, put some grout colour in the spaces and then clean up. Getting colour variation? That's not so easy. Until now, thanks to Uncle Night Shift. Carving Bricks And Stones Into A Block Of Styrofoam Uncle Night Shift's video shows more... Continue Reading →

A late winter sunset in Ballarat

While the lovely lady of the house and I missed the Blood Moon (total eclipse of the moon) this morning, I did manage to get a very late evening sunset shot to cap the day. Enjoy.  

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