We’ve changed where our free resources are now. Read on for more…

The recipes pages have move

To allow us to keep the number of menus to a minimum I’ve added a resources section. This will be the home for all resources. There are two sub-sections under this:

  1. Public, and (perhaps obviously)
  2. Private

The public section provides free resources for you to download and use, and will comprise (as our first recipe does) of PDF files. In this section, they’ll be free, (as in beer) and available so long as the site remains up, or forever, whichever comes first.

The private section is for our family members to access things we need directly without having to hunt for them. Nothing secret squirrel-like, just useful stuff that relates to our needs.


  • Head on over to the RESOURCES > PUBLIC > RECIPES section for our family recipes. I’ll be adding more of my favourites shortly.

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