Historex Agents Hexagonal Punch and Die set

The Historex Agents Hexagonal Punch and Die set is perfect for cutting Nuts and Bolt in 4 different sizes ( 1/16′, 0.050, 0.035, 0.028 ) out of polystyrene (plasticard). Unfortunately these are no longer available. See the resources section below for replacement punch and die sets.

Using the punch and die set

  1. Select appropriate styrene sheet and position between guide and die plate, under the holes.
  2. Insert a piece of scrap styrene, the same thickness as the material to be punched, behind the pins to ensure perfect alignment of the plates.
  3. Select and insert punch into the correct sized hole.
  4. Tap punch smartly with a lightweight modelling hammer. Use on a firm, flat surface.
  5. Pick up the minute ‘nut’ with a pin-point, fine tweezers or a damp artists brush to position on the model. A touch of liquid cement will firmly secure the ‘Nut’ head in position.

Owner’s notes

Treat the punch and die block with care, it is a precision instrument. Always clean it after use and wipe clean. If storing for any length of time wipe the metal parts lightly with fine oil.

Parts of the punch and die set:

A: Die plate

B: Guide plate

C: Punch (various sizes)

D: Guide pins

1: Material to be punched

2: Support material behind pins


Unique Master Models sells a range of punch and dies sets including replacements for the Hexagonal set mentioned here. The link will take you direct to the store page for punch and die sets.

A note on safety

When using any tool, but especially those that cut or punch make sure you are wearing eye protection at all times. Small parts can and will fly into your eyes if you are not careful. I’m not responsible for any damage to you or others from using the information presented here.

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