Silicon carbide nail shapers

As a result of finding myself vastly under-employed in late 2014, I had to find ways of cutting modelling (and all other) non-essential costs.

The most expensive modelling costs have always been consumables. Items such as drills, files, and sanding pads being the most costly as they’re the most often replaced.

Some consumables I’ve been able to make from other materials. Sanding pads though proved a real conundrum. Modelling ones proved to be horrendously expensive in my altered state of near modelling-poverty.

While trolling the aisles of the local Big W (here in Aus) looking for something else I found a package of silicon carbide nail shapers that might fit my needs.

Why I like them

The two-pack (shown above) cost three dollars the pair and come in a medium and fine grade abrasive. They resist clogging, even when using them on putty (squadron green a specialty). They clean out well in water (washable) thus allowing you to extend their working life. They give superior performance to similar modelling products that are multiple times their price.

With a hard central core and two soft foam outer cores, they allow you to bend the shapers into all sorts of hollows and over all types of bumps. The fine face provides a very workable finish that I can paint over without any sanding marks. They wear very well, and with the low costs, I always have a pack or two stashed in my working toolbox to replace those I wear out.

Final thoughts

Klinger from MASH

Are they worthwhile? Yes, I find they work well for me.

There’s no need to dress up like Klinger (left) to enjoy a new tool that works better than its modelling counterpart and that does so at a fraction of the price.

These are certainly cost-effective. They are easy to find and other types are available from the specialist nail salon suppliers for smoothing, buffing, and finishing also. Give them a go and let me know how they’re working for you.

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