Sealing (clear coating)

Sealing your models is not a requirement. Most paints today are hard wearing. However, it is a worthwhile investment should they be handled (such as in wargaming, or in model railways as in my case) or where a specific type of final ‘shine’ style is desired. Oh, and because it protects the painted surface and any weathering you’ve applied to it. In addition, with UV protectants now in many of the clear coats available, models won’t fade as much over time.

The topics I hope to cover in this section will include:

  • Types of clear coats (high, medium or satin, and low gloss or flat), and
  • Why I use each type

This is a work in progress. So bear with me while I add to the pages over time. This site is after all a labour of love; not a love of labour.

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