Methylated Spirits

Methylated Spirits is a denatured alcohol (as in it cannot be consumed by people) and a very versatile household cleaning agent commonly used as a hard surface cleaner and disinfectant.


  • Heavy-duty disinfectant, good for hard surfaces (counters and so on)
  • Cleaner for glass, mirrors, showers, tiles, fridges and other household appliances
  • Thinning paints, lacquers and varnishes and cleaning paint brushes
  • Stain remover/removing ink from non-porous surfaces
  • Window and floor cleaner
  • Removing sticker residue
  • Windscreen washer additive



  • Add a little to the washing up water to clean dishes, cutlery and glassware without smears.
  • Add a little to the wash for cleaner, whiter clothes.
  • Wipe on with a soft cloth and dry off with a paper towel for sparkling clean mirrors and windows.
  • Clean up all smears off shiny kitchen surfaces – sinks, laminates, tiles.
  • Use to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces in your home. It kills 99.9% of germs.
  • The perfect glass cleaner that won’t leave streaks behind as it evaporates very quickly. Dilute with water (around 50%) before using it to clean your windows. Use a sprayer and a lint free cloth to wipe the surface clean.
  • Works well with sanding wood. Use on an old cloth to wipe away any excess sawdust that may still be present after sanding. The result is a smoother surface.
  • Great for getting rid of permanent marker on PVC plastics or whiteboards.
  • Remove stickers from car windscreens. Use Methylated Spirits to easily remove the sticker and any remaining residue. It also works with glue, and even super glue.


A quick wipe over the shower tiles every day helps keep bathroom mould at bay.
Methylated Spirits is the all round hero cleaner for your bathroom, especially for mould.
To effectively kill mould, make your own methylated spirits cleaning solution with 80% Methylated Spirits and 20% water. Use a sprayer to spray the patches of mould. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then wipe it off with a clean, damp rag. Make sure you properly dry the area after wiping it clean.

It is a neutral cleaner. This means it is safe to use on most surfaces in your bathroom, including grout. Methylated spirits is safe to use on glass, sinks, chrome taps, ceramic, stone, marble and grout. (Do not use on painted or varnished surfaces).


  • A few drops in the car windscreen washer water reduces smearing.


  • It is an effective solvent for paints, lacquers and varnish.


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