Scenery techniques that might surpise you

Most of my scenery projects are focused on model railways/railroads. While I’ve seen a layout in pure grayscale before (here in Oz), I’ve never seen anyone work through making a diorama with that as a step. (Note: you could apply this technique to a micro layout too!)

Diorama – The Calm Before The Storm – Belgium 1940

Night Shift’s channel is always a surprise, and delight to watch. Apart from his great delivery and friendly approach, his excellent modelling skills help make me a better modeller each time I refer to his videos.

This time around I’d like to share his technique for correctly colouring his terrain. It’s unique and I’ve never seen anyone else do quite what he does. Well worth the watch. You can skip forward if you’d like to about the 9:00 minute mark. I recommend that you watch the entire video.

Note: this is a follow-on from my last post about his stone and brick technique. You can check out that post and the video here.


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