Building the Shell

This section of the build involved getting to grips with the building system and how the pieces fit together. I learned a lot about the planning and building of a structure using the Walthers system. My next building will be better for it. Here’s what I learned from the process. As stated in the main page, these kits were discontinued by Walthers. I think that was a shame. However, the lessons learned here will stand me in good stead for any similar modular system I use in the future. Or should I choose to scratchbuild I’ll know more about how to get that done in such a way to make it look right first time.

Plan, design, and then build

I suppose this should be obvious, however, in the rush to play I often forget this aspect of scratchbuilding, kitbashing (in this case), or building any other type of kit. Often I spend more time fixing my mistakes than II do building the kit. It’s a character flaw, it is who I am as a modeller. Excitement, as a prelude to finding ways to fix and undo/repair is a part of the learning journey. I promise, cross my heart, that I’ll do better next time.

Prep work is key

Clean up, and fitting are crucial to getting a great looking model using modular systems. And while working on this system I found that there was a lot of prep work to be done. Seam lines, sinkholes, moulding marks,you name it they are there aplenty. I was lucky in that I wanted to sheath the interior of the building so most of these hidden gems are covered in plasticard, which is a good stand in for cement rendered interiors.

There was however a lot of work required to get to that point as the photo set below shows. Each image has more detail for you when viewed.

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