A quick trip to Geelong (October 22, 2022)

Momma Bear and I headed out in a rainstorm this morning to visit Geelong.

Geelong on the bay

Geelong, the city by the bay, is Victoria’s second-largest conurbation. The sky was overcast, with little wind, so the time was perfect for catching the light and mood of the ocean.

The Geelong foreshore looking toward Point Lillias.
The Geelong foreshore looking toward Point Lillias.

The best part of the city’s location is that you can visit by train, or ferry, from Melbourne’s CBD or by car. Parking can be a nightmare so I recommend public transport for your day trip or short stay when you can.

Geelong is the gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula and the Great Ocean Road. A great starting point, or hub, to explore the area and all of its many locations. Good food and many eateries mean you’ll never be short of a meal and lots of accommodation too.


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