Exterior Detail

With the majority of the work completed, or so I thought, I now got to work on the exterior of the building. This work included the truck and rail docks themselves, roller doors, windows and the features on the roof.

Roller Doors

I was rather proud of the design of the roller doors. I used a siding for HO scale that looks quite effective as a 60’s style of industrial roller door. The side rails were right-angle evergreen shape, with the flat toward the wall, the ‘door’ glued in place and then the flat of the right-angle glued against the interior wall. I made two doors to look mostly open (as no-one wants to open one of these roller doors more than you need to each day) and one door closed for a visual variety.


took a little thinking about. I did not like the look of the windows in the kit. Too many small panes for me. Modelling a building in the late 1970s to early 1980s I wanted to show the changes of time on the building. So I cut out several of the panes to make one large window upper and lower. Leaving one or two windows to show how they once were.

Roof details

I didn’t want the roof to be just a flat boring space. There’s a swamp cooler/air-conditioner for the managers, and a blower for the cross-docking area. After all the workers don’t need to have any relief now do they?


I wanted to have the walls show the effects of years of use, and repairs and cracked exterior plaster/render over the years. So I’ve added the remains as a part of the cleanup process. These areas will get a white-wash during the weathering phase.

Finishing touches

I get a little too addicted to details. It’s a problem I can live with. In this case it adds greatly to the finish of the outside of the building.

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