01 – Setting number of cabs in use

This article provides the methods you need to set the correct number of cabs on your Prodigy Advanced² system. Setting the correct number of handsets allows for the correct operation of the horn.


The following procedure must be performed on the MASTER cab on the system. From your hand-held perform the following procedure:

  • Turn the Cab Select switch (on the base unit) to the “All Cabs” position (The switch must be in this position to limit the number of Cabs)
  • Press SYS and 9
  • Using 0 – 9, enter the address of the last operational Cab (To enable only one cab press “0”, for two cabs press “1”, for three cabs… you get the idea), and finally
  • Press the “Enter” button to set the number of cabs

This limits the number of Cabs and speeds response times on the handheld for things like short horn blasts.

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