Basic Biscuit Recipe

My Mum and her sisters were outstanding bakers and cooks. Some of my favourite and earliest memories are of my Aunts and my mum in each other’s kitchens baking cakes, biscuits and meals and being involved in the eating of the output of their ovens. This is my Mum’s copy of Aunt Lorraine’s basic biscuit recipe, it’s pretty basic.

I’ve updated the original recipe and tested all the settings and the recipe makes a great basic biscuit. They’re light, not overly sweet, and buttery smooth. Best of all you can have them plain, or dress them up as Jam drop centres, chocolate freckles, smarties, M&Ms, chocolate (white, dark or milk) drops and they look like this:

Like a copy? Click the link to download the recipe: Aunt Lorraine’s Basic Biscuit Mixture.

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