Pexto Tools 74-6 End Cutting Nippers Pliers (Vintage – restored)

Technical Details:

See the resources section below for information on the company. Little to no information available on the tool itself. For uses and how to use see the section “More about End Cutting Nippers” directly below.


19/10/2021 – As originally received the pliers were rusted closed and not serviceable

02/01/2022 – Placed into Vinegar/Salt bath to remove as much rust as possible

07/01/2022 – Removed from rust bath, and refurbished to working order

More about End Cutting Nippers

iIf you want to cut a nail or wire really close to a surface, traditional cutting pliers won’t quite give you the finish you need. That’s where end cutting pliers come in handy. They are a set of pliers with a cutting edge designed to help cut through material with a flush finish. The cutting jaws of these pliers are perpendicular to the handle, allowing it to sit flush with the surface, creating a cut that avoids extra material rising above the cutting surface.

You can use them for:

  • Cutting nails in wood is a primary application of end cutters, ideal if you’re reusing a piece of wood from an old project
  • Top cutting hard wire such as in spring mattress manufacturing or wire spring making.
  • Jewellery making – these are excellent for trimming flat wire or cutting off the end of an ear stud
  • Repetitive hard wire cutting – often used during metal fabrication work
  • Pulling nails from wood – these pliers can be used to pull out nails from wood, by holding the nail gently, and then levering them out. Ideal for carpenters
  • Removing electrical staples – traditional pliers can’t get close enough to electrical staples without risking damaging the wire, whereas end cutters can push right up against the staples, helping to safely remove them and relocate the cables

Using end cutting pliers are simple to use.

To cut wire:

  1. Insert the wire into the jaw of your end cutters.
  2. Squeeze the handles tightly together until the wire has been cut.
  3. Relax your grip to start again.

To remove electrical wire staples:

  1. Place the open jaws of the end cutter next to the side of one of the staples, making sure not to touch the wire.
  2. Squeeze gently to get a firm grip on the staple.
  3. Pull the staple away from the surface until it has either been removed, or the tool has lifted it as high as it can.
  4. Then reset the tool and repeat until the staple has been completely removed.


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