The poor man’s Optivisor


I am not made of money, and I suspect that since you’re reading the blog and this page in particular, you aren’t either. So if I can save quite a few bucks and get or make a tool that works well with little cost, time and effort – then I’m all there. With my up close eyesight suffering as I age (there’s nothing wrong – I’m just becoming more long sighted) the time had come to get some help to allow me to continue modelling in the smaller scales and up close.

I’d always wanted to purchase an Optivisor, several modelling friends over the years have recommended them. However, at $100.00AU dollars – plus shipping – they were definitely out of my range. I wondered if I could make something from parts and bits and pieces that would work the same and give me back the ability to model close up. And the answer is yes ; and for a lot less money than I’d expected.

The parts list


The build


The result


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