HVL GP38-2 #382

Unit # 382

This unit is already moved through the heavy maintenance shop and has been torn down to the frame, all stripped parts have been either sent off to be refurbished or replaced as needed and the body and frame cleaned in preparation for rebuilding.

In truth this project was on the go in a major way in 2015. A layoff from work and a couple of years of under employment brought both rebuilds to a halt as the fun-money dried up.

As you can see from the photos above a lot of work has been put into the loco already. There is a lot more to do.

I will be reusing the plastic handrails supplied by Weaver. Primarily because the US supplier I had chosen for some swanky metal ones has constantly stalled or not responded to emails.

I’ve decided that the best advice of my friend Glenn of Footscray – who tells me when I obsess over the details – is right: get it done and running and improve it later.


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