In this area of my modelling there are two major scales:

  1. O scale, in both US 1/4″ (1:48) and UK/Australian 7mm (1:43.5), and
  2. HO scale which is 3.5mm (1:87.1)

Each has its own charms. HO scale is in my opinion the best of scales for modelling a switching railroad subject. Small enough to fit into just about any space and still provide you with the joy of realistic operation. If you are interested in finding out more about my layout design and building skills and services you can visit the Andrew’s Trains website, or search Andrew’s Trains.

O scale on the other hand is outstanding for the modeller looking to detail and operate (even in a small space) and enjoy the size of the model. There is a certain something about a locomotive or car in O scale that you just cannot get with a smaller modelling scale.

“I understand that the scales for model railroading can be hard to understand. Wikipedia has a great page with all of the information that you’ll ever need to know. So visit there if you’d like to know more.”


I model what is known as a freelance railroad company. The HVL never existed but to maintain a prototype feel the HVL uses the standards of other railroads of the period as it’s yard stick. This gives a look and feel of a real railroad while allowing me to model what I like without being limited by the convention of the specific railroad.

For example the Hunter Valley Lines decided early on to use the General Code of Operating Rules as its safety and operations rulebook. The General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) is a set of operating rules for railroads in the United States and is used by Class I railroads (west of Chicago), most of the Class II railroads, and many Short-line railroads. The Hunter Valley Lines being a short-line railroad operator uses the GCOR to standardise operations across all of it’s operations. This simplifies paperwork and operations on whatever layout I build and operate. All of the paperwork follows along and I don’t need to change much (apart from the name of the railroad) on any paperwork I use when switching and operating a layout.

All of my locomotives are either operating as HVL subsidiaries, or will be completed as an HVL subsidiary.

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