The Transload Building

In 2010 I bought a wide-ranging set of Walthers Modulars building kits. I’d never used them before, nor any of the similar style of building parts (like the DPM kits for example) to build a structure. Being a small layout designer and modeller I wanted a building that would fit in with my layout plans and came up with a small and believable yard office that hosts cross dock operations from rail to truck for local delivery. There have been several stages in its life as it moved along with my skill level at using and building buildings (which I’ve never done before).

Even though Walthers have discontinued the kits (which I think is a shame) they were ideal for industrial areas built in the early part of the 20th century using brick as the primary building material. The lessons learned during this build apply to any building kit and in any scale. Built in HO scale, I learned a lot from using the style of kit that I would be able to put it to use on any future project.

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