Melbourne A1 class trams – photos added

Melbournes venerable A class trams soldier on almost 40 years after their introduction. Love them, or hate them, these 1980’s trams are now being returned to service after their life extension works.

The Melbourne A1 class tram page updated

I’ve spent quite some time looking through my photo collection to find unique perspectives of their time under my care. All photos taken are of class members I have driven.

I have begun adding photos from my collection. I’ve curated trams 232 to 235 as of this post. With nearly a thousand photos of the class in service, it’s been a work in progress! There’ll be more photos posted once I curate the remaining 400 photos of the A1 members.

Zip on over to this page and take a look. Let me know what you like, or don’t like about the photos.


  • Read more about the class, their allocations and other interesting facts over at the class’ VicSIG page

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