Newport Open Day (2022) photos posted

Steamrail's biennial open days occur over the March Labour Day long weekend. I was lucky enough to have the time off in 2022 to attend the event and capture some images (and a little video) of the event. My main focus is always on shunting and switching locomotives and other oddball freight stuff that takes... Continue Reading →

Removing Roadblocks – March 2023

Modelling should be a pleasing and pleasant time. When my workspace doesn't work, the pleasure evaporates and I don't want to model. Recently, Dan Cecil shared his 'portable' modelling workspace on the HO Scale Shelf Modelers group on Facebook. The photo below shows it set out on his dining room table. I want to talk... Continue Reading →

A quick trip to Geelong (October 22, 2022)

Momma Bear and I headed out in a rainstorm this morning to visit Geelong. Geelong on the bay Geelong, the city by the bay, is Victoria's second-largest conurbation. The sky was overcast, with little wind, so the time was perfect for catching the light and mood of the ocean. The best part of the city's... Continue Reading →

Melbourne A1 class trams – photos added

Melbournes venerable A class trams soldier on almost 40 years after their introduction. Love them, or hate them, these 1980's trams are now being returned to service after their life extension works. The Melbourne A1 class tram page updated I've spent quite some time looking through my photo collection to find unique perspectives of their... Continue Reading →

Scenery techniques that might surpise you

Most of my scenery projects are focused on model railways/railroads. While I've seen a layout in pure grayscale before (here in Oz), I've never seen anyone work through making a diorama with that as a step. (Note: you could apply this technique to a micro layout too!) Diorama - The Calm Before The Storm -... Continue Reading →

Our free resources have moved. Read on for more... The recipes pages have move To keep menus to an absolute minimum I've added a resources section. This will be the home for all resources. There are two sub-sections under this: Public, and (perhaps obviously) Private The public section provides free resources for you to download... Continue Reading →

Waxing Gibbous Moon – July 19 2021

While desolate, and inconsolably lonely in our sky, the moon has an allure all its own. The last-minute photograph It was very cold last night, and I thought as you do that I'd pop outside to see the sky, and to see if mother moon was out. The backyard was bathed in that soft grey... Continue Reading →

GE 70 Tonner (HO Scale) Oil Weathering ongoing

The oil weathering that started last weekend is now at a stage I'm happy to call almost complete. There is a little cleanup to do, and then weathering powders to finish off. Work in progress I'm going to do some more of that cleanup tonight, having given the oils some time to go off. Otherwise,... Continue Reading →

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