Scenery techniques that might surpise you

Most of my scenery projects are focused on model railways/railroads. While I've seen a layout in pure grayscale before (here in Oz), I've never seen anyone work through making a diorama with that as a step. (Note: you could apply this technique to a micro layout too!) Diorama - The Calm Before The Storm -... Continue Reading →

Bricks are not easy to paint so they look right – until now…

Convincingly modelling (and painting) bricks is not easy. You can certainly just spray one colour, put some grout colour in the spaces and then clean up. Getting colour variation? That's not so easy. Until now, thanks to Uncle Night Shift. Carving Bricks And Stones Into A Block Of Styrofoam Uncle Night Shift's video shows more... Continue Reading →

We've changed where our free resources are now. Read on for more... The recipes pages have move To allow us to keep the number of menus to a minimum I've added a resources section. This will be the home for all resources. There are two sub-sections under this: Public, and (perhaps obviously) Private The public... Continue Reading →

Waxing Gibbous Moon – July 19 2021

While desolate, and inconsolably lonely in our sky, the moon has an allure all its own. The last-minute photograph It was very cold last night, and I thought as you do that I'd pop outside to see the sky, and to see if mother moon was out. The backyard was bathed in that soft grey... Continue Reading →

GE 70 Tonner (HO Scale) Oil Weathering ongoing

The oil weathering that started last weekend is now at a stage I'm happy to call almost complete. There is a little cleanup to do, and then weathering powders to finish off. Work in progress I'm going to do some more of that cleanup tonight, having given the oils some time to go off. Otherwise,... Continue Reading →

70 Tonner weathering continues

Yesterday's oil weathering dried under the heater vent overnight. So a little more work today. Work in progress More oil filters on the loco today, along with some oil paint chipping using torn-off bits of makeup sponge, in a manner similar to dry brushing (dry sponging anyone?). Colours used for those interested are: Emerald Green,... Continue Reading →

The Easter 2021 Project – Ewan’s Desk

I've always been a maker, tinkerer and wonderer. So any chance I get to spend some time making something, I relish it. This project was building a desk with, and for, my son Ewan. Why the desk? Ewan's been using a makeshift desk now for almost a year. It was time to make him something... Continue Reading →

2021-03-19 – Weathering on a W8 Class Tram

It's not often that those of us looking to weather items of scale rolling stock have access to a vehicle with a pantograph. Luckily, every now and then I do have that access. I've added a new gallery of Melbourne's iconic W8 trams, this time focusing on tram #928. Taken on March 16, 2021 #928... Continue Reading →

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