Building a space battle fleet from junk and leftovers (2)

With the basic grunt work done for the moment, I've turned my eye toward the longer-term goal for the 4 starships. For over 40 years, since seeing the episode "Space Seed" where Kirk and Co first meet Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalbán), I've wanted to build a model of the SS Botany Bay. In the... Continue Reading →

Building a space battle fleet from junk and leftovers

With four days off in a row, and my sleep caught up on after a Nono nap (through all of) yesterday afternoon I was ready to let loose on a little scratch building today. I'm in the process of building four starships in table-top scale. They are based on drop tanks from the abominable F-111... Continue Reading →

Growing and Blowing – 12 October 2019

Around the world at the moment people are calling for change, to how we impact the planet and how we maintain our lifestyle. While celebrating my darling wife's birthday today we took a road trip past the wind farm at Mt Mercer in Central Victoria. This wind farm is large, and in sight of the newest... Continue Reading →

New section and a recipe published – May 01, 2019

I've added a new section under the GO menu for Baking, recipes and food. And, I've posted the first of my mother's collected recipes from her 1963 Diary and Cookbook - my Aunt's basic biscuit recipe. Updated, tested and published today the biscuits (cookies for those of a northern hemispheric nature) are light, not too... Continue Reading →

A late winter sunset in Ballarat

While the lovely lady of the house and I missed the Blood Moon (total eclipse of the moon) this morning, I did manage to get a very late evening sunset shot to cap the day. Enjoy.  

The sights you see

Some days the planets align, and a perfect photographic opportunity presents itself. Today I found an opportunity to shoot Cam Scale's 'To the unknown Mariner' painted on the Old Port of Geelong building at 65 Brougham Street, Geelong. It took Cam 11 days to complete. With neutral grey skies, and rain in the offing, I managed... Continue Reading →

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