Feb 18, 2021 – An addition to the finishing post

A couple of days ago I posted that my painting of models was not my strong point and that I'm working to improve my finishing by documenting what I do so that I can review my results and improve over time. Looking back over my resources I noticed that I had not yet made a... Continue Reading →

Feb 13, 2021 – A new modelling section: Finishing

The most difficult part of model making for me is the finishing of the model. That is the painting and varnishing steps. I’ve never enjoyed that part of the process. So in order to address what I believe are my shortcomings I’ve added this section to attempt to record my process and to show how... Continue Reading →

Jan 13, 2021 – Modelling workbench nightmare

Keeping a clean work desk is a nightmare. I start a project, and quickly, my worktop vanishes under models, parts, offcuts, plasticard and tools. Pretty soon it all gets too much. In 2021 however,  I aim to be different.   So today I finished the beginnings of the cleanup of my worktop. Everything cleaned off... Continue Reading →

2021 – a new year and new site authors

It's nice to have new authors on the site with a new year beginning. Jan and Ewan will begin to introduce themselves to you shortly.  Our new authors Jan is the person behind everything that happens in my world. Chief of wrangling, and driver of all things I'm looking forward to having her on the... Continue Reading →

Modelling & Weathering under LED light

Have you ever tried something you've thought about for a while and come away happy with your result? Modelling in a new (LED) light The new work lights I got yesterday came in handy today. I began work on one of my two Bachmann DCC (but no sound) equipped GE 70 Tonners today. Even with... Continue Reading →

25 July 2020 – New modelling tool page

Consumables! They're the bane of the modeller's existence. With a little creativity and some help from the beauty aisle, you'll be on your way to saving money and getting a great finish on your models. Silicon Carbide Nail Shapers page added I've been using these little beauties for more than 6 years to shape and... Continue Reading →

Growing and Blowing – 12 October 2019

Around the world at the moment people are calling for change, to how we impact the planet and how we maintain our lifestyle. While celebrating my darling wife's birthday today we took a road trip past the wind farm at Mt Mercer in Central Victoria. This wind farm is large, and in sight of the newest... Continue Reading →

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