GE 70 Tonner (HO Scale) Oil Weathering – Body work (mostly) complete

The oil weathering of the body of #27 is mostly complete. Cleanup was the first step to sort out a few issues with the previous application, then edge and panel lightening, and a little more rust work.

Work in progress

So at the end of the weekend, with a little more work on in washes, some panel lightening, and a few rust and heat-affected rust spots, I’m feeling happy with #27. Work remains on the fuel tank, trucks and underbody, but that, as Edd China would say, is for another day.
Here’s where we are up to:

Image 1: Driver’s (Engineer’s) Side

Image 2: Conductor’s Side

Image 3: Oblique view showing the gentle rust and discolouring on the top of the unit. Edge highlighting was applied to all corners with a light titanium white filter, which was dry-sponged off.

Image 4: Rear cab view

Image 5: Nose view

I may once everything has dried, lighten the door (heat) rust a little with some cadmium yellow and titanium white washes. It is hard to know how things really look until everything is dry.

There is some work to do on the pilots at both ends as these are too clean. One step at a time though. Haste makes for waste as the saying goes.

Hope that you all had a good weekend too.


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