Atlas 40 Foot Hi-Cube

This model is the Atlas O SSW 40 foot Hi-Cube – which I note is entirely incorrect before you send me a flood of email – purporting to be the B-70-36 class cars built during the mid 1960s. I’ve begun writing again on the history and modelling of this class of SSW & SP cars and that will be available on Andrew’s Trains in the near future. The picture below is what the class should look like:

Image courtesy of T. E. Cobb via

Considering that I got the model (and a sister car) cheap from overseas in a mixed lot of Atlas and other O scale models, it seemed like a good idea to use this car to do some weathering experiments. This unit uses several different mediums to complete the weathering. These include:

  • RustAll,
  • Oil Paints,
  • Acrylic Paints, and
  • Weathering Powders

There’ll be more photos coming.

The only thing left to cover now is the work to get the trucks weathered and back in under the car. Then I’ll call the car finished.


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