A simple diorama base

Finding a diorama base can be quite difficult. If you have few woodworking skills, live in a small space, have to keep the noise down, or simply don’t have the tools, you may struggle to build a diorama base.

There are options however.

  1. You can have the local big-box store cut boards or plywood / MDF to size,
  2. You can use foam (available from said big-box stores) cut to size, or my favourite option
  3. You can use picture frames, and plywood / foam.

You most likely have a few picture frames hanging (sorry for the pun-I could not resist) about somewhere. If not you can find them at the local thrift store for a couple of dollars.

In this article you’ll follow along as I build a diorama base using a spare picture frame, some Fome-Cor(TM) and additional bits and pieces. In later parts of this series I’ll work through the steps I used to get the diorama to completion.

You can see more of this series by following the links below, or by using the menus at the top of the page.

Part 1- Work in Progress (coming soon)

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