Below are the build dates for all Plate ‘B’ and Plate ‘C’ cars. These fit within my modelling period. While not exhaustive, they’ve been put together over the years by me to assist in modelling the correct cars within my modelling time period: 1974 – 1984.

The plate B cars were the first Railbox cars built for the Trailer Train (now TTX group). Financed by many railroads, they were pool assigned general boxcars, meaning their slogan “next load, any road” meant what it said. And they were available for use by any of the participating railroads, contrary to the then regular practice of cars being returned empty to their home railroads by the shortest route.

The Plate C cars, being taller, lasted in service for a much longer time.

AAR Plate B car data

Table of Plate B Railbox Cars

AAR Plate B Car notes:
  • * This car was renumbered from RBOX 10323
  • Almost all of these were returned in the early to mid-1980s to the railroads that had guaranteed their financing

AAR Plate C car data

Table of Plate C Railbox Cars

RBOX Car builder’s details

  • AC&F American Car and Foundry (XAF10, XAF10A, XAF20, XAF20A, XAF20B, XAF20C)
  • BFF Berwick Forge & Fabricating
  • FMC, formerly Food Machinery Corp. (XFF20 and XFF99)
  • PC&F Pacific Car & Foundry (XCF10, XCF11, XCF20, XCF20A)
  • PS Pullman Standard (XPF11, XPF11A, XPF20, XPF20A, XPF20B)


I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to keep all of the car data in. If you’d like a copy of that please use our Contact page to email me and request your copy.