Waldron Punch and Die sets

Waldron made two sets of round punch and dies:

  • a sub-miniature set with 10 punch sizes ranging from 0.018″ to 0.063″ thou, and

  • a precision set of six punches ranging from 0.039″ thou to 0.160″ thou.

Unfortunately they’ve been out of production for some time.

Using Waldron Punch and Die tools

  1. You’ll take the clear plastic guide, and open the jaws to allow the plasticard you are using to go in between the pieces. You’ll need to work the guide open from both ends, slowly, otherwise it will bind up and you risk damaging it.
  2. Insert the plasticard into the slot, closing it down gently, to act as a guide not a clamp
  3. Using a light hammer of your choice (see tips below) tap the punch through the plasticard
  4. You can then move on to the next location on the plasticard and repeat

Punching tips

  • Use of plasticard greater than 0.015″ thou thick is not recommended
  • Take your time and use care when fitting the punches into the die, making sure that they are the proper size
  • Use a light hammer (I use a brass one) and only tap once to make the punch out
  • Make sure to wear eye protection every time you use it
  • When you have finished with the punches for that session wipe them down with something like 3-in-1 oil or something similar to prevent rust. They are tool steel after all.


Unique Master Models sells a range of punch and dies sets including replacements for the sets mentioned here. The link will take you direct to the store page for punch and die sets.

Another source is RPToolz who make several punch sets. Well worth a visit and I’ve heard good things about their products too.

A note on safety

When using any tool, but especially those that cut or punch make sure you are wearing eye protection at all times. Small parts can and will fly into your eyes if you are not careful. I’m not responsible for any damage to you or others from using the information presented here.

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